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Water Quality Issues in Land O Lakes, Florida and Recommended Solutions

Introduction to Land O Lakes

Land O Lakes is a census-designated place in Pasco County, Florida with a population of approximately 31,000 residents. Located north of Tampa, Land O Lakes was originally a rural area known for its dairy farms and natural landscapes. Over the past few decades, it has experienced rapid growth and development into a suburban community.

Despite its growth, Land O Lakes still depends primarily on well water from the Floridan Aquifer for its water supply. The Floridan Aquifer is an underground limestone reservoir that provides water to much of Florida. While the aquifer provides plentiful water, reliance on groundwater does present some potential water quality issues that Land O Lakes residents should be aware of.

Potential Groundwater Contaminants in Land O Lakes

Naturally Occurring Contaminants

The groundwater pumped from the Floridan Aquifer may contain elevated levels of certain naturally occurring substances that can affect water quality:

  • Hardness - Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium minerals that can leave scale deposits and reduce soap effectiveness. The aquifer water has moderate to high hardness.

  • Iron - Iron in water can cause red/brown staining of sinks and fixtures. The aquifer has naturally high iron content.

  • Hydrogen sulfide - This gas causes a "rotten egg" odor in the water. It is found in some aquifer regions.

  • Manganese - Manganese can appear black or brown in water and stain laundry and fixtures. It occurs naturally in parts of the aquifer.

  • Radon - A radioactive gas that can accumulate in indoor air and raise cancer risk. Radon is found in aquifer water in parts of Florida.

  • Arsenic - A heavy metal that is toxic in high doses. Low levels of arsenic naturally occur in some aquifer regions.

Man-Made Contaminants

In addition to natural contaminants, human activities can introduce hazardous pollutants into groundwater supplies:

  • Nitrates/nitrites - Primarily from fertilizer runoff. High levels cause blue baby syndrome.

  • VOCs - Volatile organic compounds from industrial/commercial activities. Potential carcinogens.

  • Pesticides - Runoff from lawns, farms, and golf courses. Linked to health issues.

  • Heavy metals - From industrial sites, landfills, gas stations. Toxic in high doses.

  • Pathogens - Bacteria, viruses, parasites from septic tanks, livestock, landfills. Cause disease.

  • PFAS "Forever Chemicals" - Used in household products and firefighting foam. Persist in the environment. Associated with cancer and other health risks.

Recommended Water Treatment Solutions for Land O Lakes

To address these potential contaminants in groundwater, Land O Lakes homeowners have several effective treatment options:

Whole House Water Filtration

Installing a AquaBlue Whole House Filter System will remove sediments and many contaminants through a series of filter tanks with media like granulated activated carbon. It protects all water uses in the home.

Water Softening

A AquaLux Water Softener will reduce hard minerals through ion exchange. This prevents scale buildup and improves soap performance.

Iron Removal

For iron reduction, a AquaCarbonGuard Catalytic Carbon Filter uses an oxidation process to convert dissolved iron into a particle form that can be filtered out.

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Units like the HydroClear Ozone Generator can oxidize hydrogen sulfide gas and eliminate rotten egg odors.

UV Disinfection

A AquaGuard UV SYSTEM can inactivate bacteria, viruses, and pathogens for safe potable water.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

Point-of-use AquaRevive Reverse Osmosis systems provide advanced contaminant removal for drinking and cooking uses.

Well Water Treatment

For private well owners, systems like WellFusion offer comprehensive treatment packages for common well water contaminants.

With the right water quality solutions in place, Land O Lakes homeowners can enjoy cleaner, safer water from their private wells and groundwater sources. Contact Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions today at 727-236-7161 to schedule a free water test and assessment. Our water experts will analyze your water, identify any issues, and recommend the optimal treatment systems for your needs. Invest in reliable water filtration and softening systems for your home and gain peace of mind knowing that your water is contaminant-free.

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