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Water Quality Issues and Solutions in Seffner, Florida

Introduction to Seffner, Florida

Seffner is a census-designated place in Hillsborough County, Florida, United States. The population was 7,579 at the 2010 census. Seffner is located in the Tampa Bay metro area just east of Tampa.

Originally named Separ, Seffner was founded in 1884 and was largely agricultural until the 1960s, when the Interstate 4 corridor brought suburban growth to the area. Now, Seffner is a bedroom community with some commercial and industrial development. The city is near the center of the Florida peninsula between Tampa and Plant City.

Water Quality Concerns in Seffner

Like many places in Florida, Seffner faces a variety of potential water quality issues related to its groundwater sources, including:

Hard Water

Hard water, which contains high levels of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium, is a common problem in Seffner. The local groundwater that supplies homes and businesses can have 15-20 grains of hardness per gallon, making it very hard.

Hard water causes scale buildup in plumbing and appliances, makes soaps and detergents less effective, leaves mineral spots on dishes and fixtures, and can cause dry skin and hair. Treatment with a AquaLux Water Softener is recommended to reduce hardness and mineral content.


Iron is another mineral commonly found in area groundwater. Iron concentrations above 0.3 mg/L can stain plumbing fixtures and laundry, and give water a metallic taste. An AquaCarbonGuard Catalytic Carbon Filter system is effective at removing higher levels of iron.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that gives water a "rotten egg" smell. It occurs naturally in some groundwater but even small amounts can make water unpleasant to use. An AquaCarbonGuard filter or HydroClear Ozone Generator can treat sulfur issues.

Cloudiness and Particulate Matter

Sediment, silt, clay, and other particles can cloud water and cause discoloration. A AquaBlue Whole House Filter System helps remove particulates for clearer water.

Bacteria and Viruses

Coliform bacteria and pathogens like Giardia and Cryptosporidium may enter groundwater through animal waste. Well water is also vulnerable. A AquaGuard UV SYSTEM provides effective disinfection.

Nitrates and Fertilizer Runoff

Agricultural runoff and septic systems can contaminate groundwater with nitrates, which at levels above 10 mg/L may pose health risks for infants. A AquaRevive Reverse Osmosis System or ion exchange water softener help reduce nitrates.

Lead and Heavy Metals

Lead or other heavy metals may leach into water from old pipes and plumbing components. Water testing can check for lead and metals. Under-sink reverse osmosis, a HydroClear Ozone Generator, or whole house system can remove metals.

Pesticides, Herbicides, VOCs

Runoff from lawns, farms, and roads can introduce pesticides, herbicides, gasoline additives like MTBE into groundwater. A AquaCarbonGuard filter or AquaRevive reverse osmosis system help reduce these contaminants.

Radon Gas

Being located in central Florida, radon gas infiltration is a potential concern with indoor air quality and well water. Water testing can determine radon levels, and aeration or granular activated carbon filtration may be recommended for treatment.

Water Treatment Solutions for Seffner, FL

To address its local water quality issues, we recommend Seffner homeowners consider installing one or more high-quality water filtration and treatment systems. Here are some of the most effective solutions:

  • For overall water softening and removal of calcium, magnesium, and other mineral hardness, a whole-house system like the AquaLux Water Softener is ideal. This will deal with hard water and prevent scale buildup.

  • To filter out iron, sulfur odors, chemicals, and sediment, the AquaCarbonGuard Catalytic Carbon Filter combines several media for thorough contaminant reduction.

  • For high iron concentrations above 3-5 mg/L, an oxidation system like the HydroClear Ozone Generator may be recommended in conjunction with a filter.

  • For cloudy water or particulates, the AquaBlue Whole House Filter pairs sediment pre-filtration with a carbon tank for great results.

  • For bacteria and other microbial pathogens, the AquaGuard UV Disinfection System provides chlorine-free sterilization.

  • For comprehensive contaminant removal including nitrates and chemicals, reverse osmosis systems like the AquaRevive are highly effective. These can be installed under sink or whole house.

  • For private well water concerns, a packaged well water treatment system like the WellFusion combines softening, filtration, and UV to address multiple issues.

We have experience installing water filtration and treatment systems for both residential and commercial properties in the Seffner area. Our water specialists can advise on the best solutions after a free water test and analysis. Call us at <a href="tel:7272367761">727-236-7161</a> or schedule your water test online to get started. Investing in clean, healthy water is important for your home and family in Seffner.

Understanding the Floridan Aquifer

Most of Seffner's groundwater comes from the expansive Floridan aquifer system underlying the state. This aquifer has high mineral content that affects local water quality. Understanding the Floridan aquifer can help Seffner residents make informed decisions about water treatment.

The Floridan aquifer contains highly soluble limestone and dolomite which gives the water hardness and other dissolved compounds. Development, agriculture, and industry have all impacted groundwater quality over many decades of use. Newer water treatment innovations allow home systems to remove a broad range of contaminants.

Routine water testing through accredited labs combined with professional installation of home water systems helps ensure the Floridan aquifer's waters can be transformed into clean, safe drinking water. For Seffner homes and businesses relying on groundwater, advanced treatments address the local groundwater quality issues effectively.

The Effects of Hard Water on Personal Care

Hard water's high dissolved mineral content can negatively impact skin, hair, and cleaning tasks. Soaps and shampoos lose effectiveness because the minerals bind with surfactants. This leaves an unpleasant sticky feeling on skin and deposits in hair. Hard water mineral buildup on sinks, tubs, and showers also makes cleaning more difficult.

Installing a water softener or whole house water treatment system makes a big difference in personal care by reducing the excess minerals in the water supply. Skin and hair feel cleaner, smoother, and healthier after switching to softened water. The benefits of water softening are easy to notice in just a few weeks.

Clean water is essential for homes in Seffner. Our team is here to help assess your water, advise on the right solutions, and professionally install systems that can transform your tap water quality. For great tasting water that feels and looks better, contact Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions today.


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