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Cleaning Water Softener Salt Storage Tank

Keep Your Water Softener Performing at Its Best with Brine Tank Cleaning

Keep Your Water Softener Performing at Its Best with Brine Tank Cleaning

Your water softener is a valuable investment for reducing water hardness and improving the quality of water in your home. Like any system, it requires regular maintenance to keep performing at optimal efficiency. Over time, sediment, salt bridges, bacteria, and mold can accumulate in the brine tank, clogging lines and valves while compromising water purity. Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions offers professional cleaning of water softener brine tanks in the Tampa Bay, Florida area to restore functionality and water quality.

Why Regular Brine Tank Cleaning is Essential

Hard water residue, excess salt, dirt, and other contaminants collecting in the brine tank can lead to a number of problems:

Reduced Efficiency

Clogged lines and valves prevent the brine solution from properly charging the resin bed to exchange calcium and magnesium for sodium. This allows more hardness minerals to pass into your home's water.

Bacteria and Mold Growth

Warm, damp salt tanks allow mold, algae and bacteria colonies to thrive. These microorganisms spread through water pipes and can cause health issues.

Salt Bridge Formation

Clumping salt forms a solid bridge, preventing contact between water and salt needed to create the regeneration solution. Spot treating salt bridges leads to uneven brine concentrations.

Equipment Damage

Corrosion and buildup of sediment leads to breaks, leaks, and the eventual need for water softener replacement.

The Benefits of Professional Brine Tank Cleaning

Aqua-Wise technicians use a thorough process to scrub away contaminants and sanitize the brine tank and components. Our cleaning services provide:

Improved Softening Capacity

Remove silt and salt bridges to restore uniform salt saturation for brine solution effectiveness.

Optimized Water Purity

Disinfect tank surfaces and components to eliminate bacteria for healthier water.

Extended Equipment Longevity

Reduce sediment accumulation to prevent corrosion and wear of important system parts.

Restored Efficiency

Clean lines and valves improve flow control for reliable operation.

Reduced Operating Costs

A well-maintained system uses water and electricity much more efficiently.

Peace of Mind

Keep your water softener working reliably for years to come.

The Brine Tank Cleaning Process

Our certified technicians use the following detailed process to clean and sanitize brine tanks:

Inspect Existing Conditions

Assess sediment levels and salt bridge locations prior to cleaning.

Remove and Clean Components

Disassemble brine well, safety float, and lines for individual scrubbing.

Drain and Rinse Tank

Flush loose debris through the drain at the bottom of the salt tank.

Descale Tank Walls

Chisel hardened sediment and use a wire brush attachment on a drill to scour interior surfaces.

Wash with Sanitizing Solution

Apply and rinse an EPA-registered disinfectant.

Reinstall Parts

Replace all components like floats, tubes, and valves.

Check Functionality

Test the softener to confirm full operational restoration.

Descale Pipes

Flush indoor and underground lines to remove any remaining sediment.

Rely on the Salt Tank Cleaning Experts

Restore your water softener to peak cleaning performance with Aqua-Wise's professional brine tank cleaning services. As leading water treatment specialists serving residential and commercial properties in the greater Tampa area, we have the expertise to tackle salt tank contamination and restore efficiency. Contact our team today to learn more about our water softener maintenance options!

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