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Rebed a Water Softener with Resin Media in Tampa Bay, Florida

Keep Your Water Softener Performing at Its Best with Fresh Resin Beads

Hard water contains dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium that can leave scale buildup on fixtures and appliances, reducing their lifespan. Over time, the resin beads in a water softener become coated with these hardness minerals and lose their ability to soften water. Rebedding a water softener with new resin media restores its softening performance.

Effects of Hard Water in Tampa Bay Homes

The water supply in most areas of Tampa Bay is considered very hard, with above average levels of calcium and magnesium. Prolonged exposure to hard water can cause a variety of problems:

Scale Buildup in Pipes and Fixtures

Hard water minerals accumulate inside plumbing over time. This limescale reduces water flow and clogs fixtures. Scale buildup in pipes also reduces their lifespan.

Damage to Appliances

From dishwashers and washing machines to water heaters and coffee makers, scale coats the inside components of appliances. This makes them less efficient and shortens their operating life.

Skin and Hair Issues

The minerals in hard water react with soap, leaving a film on skin and hair. This causes irritation and dryness. Hard water prevents soap from lathering properly as well.

Staining and Corrosion

White scale and corrosion are visible signs of hard water damage. Scale leaves white dusty deposits on fixtures while corrosion eats away at the surface of metals.

When to Rebed a Water Softener

Over time, the ion exchange resin inside a water softener becomes coated with hardness minerals, reducing its capacity to remove calcium and magnesium. Here are signs it's time to rebed a water softener:

Reduced Efficiency

If you need to add more salt between regenerations or regenerate more frequently, it indicates declining performance. As the resin loses capacity, it's unable to soften as much water between recharges.

Return of Scale

If fixtures begin showing scale buildup again and your soap doesn't lather as well, the resin is likely at the end of its lifespan. Skin and hair may also feel irritated like they did before having a softener.

Age of Resin Media

Most resin lasts around 7-9 years under typical conditions. Still, water chemistry and usage levels impact lifespan. Keep track of when you last rebedded to estimate when you're due.

Failing Regeneration Tests

Your technician can test the hardness of your water before and after regeneration to determine if the resin is still removing minerals. Failure to reach zero hardness after regeneration indicates exhausted media.

The Rebedding Process

Rebedding a water softener involves removing the old resin beads inside the mineral tank and refilling it with new resin media. Here is the detailed process:

Drain and Clean the Mineral Tank

Haul away the exhausted media and rinse any resin dust out of the empty tank. Inspect it for signs of damage too.

Add the New Resin

Pour specialty grade water softener resin designed to remove hard water minerals into the mineral tank. Filling follows precise calculations based on water usage.

Reassemble Components

Replace any worn parts like seals and spacers then reassemble the control valve, riser tube, and other components. Reset electronic controls too.

Regenerate and Test

Initiate a full regeneration to flush and classify the new resin. Your technician will then test and adjust settings to complete the rebed process.

Resin Types for Water Softeners

There are a few options when it comes to choosing new resin media:

Standard Cation Resin

The most universally compatible and affordable option. Standard resin removes the broadest range of hard water minerals.

Fine Mesh Cation Resin

With a smaller bead size and tighter pores, fine mesh resin filters smaller particles while delivering efficient water flow. It helps protect household plumbing.

Upflow Resin

Specially shaped for upflow regenerating water softeners. The beads allow even cleansing during very slow regenerations, maximizing each grain of capacity.

Specialty Resin Blends

Some proprietary blends claim longer lifespans, higher capacity, or resistance to common resin foulers like iron. Many water chemistries benefit from custom blends.

The best type for your home depends on your source water quality and softener system. Let our water experts help select the right resin media during your rebedding service.

Schedule Your Rebed a water softener with resin media Today: 727-236-7161

Don't let declining performance and symptoms of hard water ruin your water softener's benefits. Rebedding an old mineral tank gives it new life with restored function and reliable soft water delivery for years to come.

Aqua-Wise offers premium grading resin designed to efficiently remove the specific minerals found in Tampa water. Take advantage of our expertise and discounted pricing on rebedding services for a limited time! We also offer flexible financing options to make maintaining soft water more affordable.

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