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Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions offers the Iron Breaker III, an innovative water filtration system that effectively removes iron and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) using a natural oxidation process without the need for chemicals, air compressors, or complex equipment. With a patented design and decades of research and development behind it, the Iron Breaker III is the premier solution for addressing iron and sulfur issues in well water.



Key Benefits

  • Proven Technology: The Iron Breaker III uses an oxidation process to convert dissolved iron and hydrogen sulfide into filterable particles. This approach has been researched and refined over many years to deliver reliable results.

  • Self-Sanitizing Option: Adding Aqua-Wise's OzonePro generator automatically sanitizes the system during regeneration for low-maintenance operation.

  • Simple and Self-Contained: With no need for added chemicals, compressors, or aerators, the Iron Breaker III provides a complete all-in-one treatment solution.

  • WQA Certified: The Iron Breaker III carries the Water Quality Association's prestigious Gold Seal, affirming its safe materials, performance claims, and durability.

How Water Softening Systems Work

How the Iron Breaker III Works

The Iron Breaker III stores a "bubble" of air within its media tank that is compressed by incoming well water pressure. As water passes through this pocket of air, the iron and hydrogen sulfide are converted into solid particles. These particles are then trapped by the Iron Breaker's catalytic carbon filter media while the air bubble is slowly consumed.

During the periodic regeneration cycle, the system first backwashes itself to flush out the collected iron particles. It then replenishes the air bubble by drawing in fresh air, temporarily emptying the tank of water, and infusing the media bed with oxygen. The Iron Breaker III returns to service mode ready to continue removing iron and sulfur compounds.

Removing Iron Stains

Iron particles that have already stained sinks, tubs, and other surfaces can be tricky to remove. Contact your local Aqua-Wise dealer to learn what type of iron is present and get professional recommendations for cleaning products and procedures tailored to your specific staining. They can also advise you on adding treatment systems to prevent future stains by removing iron at the source.

CLACK AQUALUX ELITE Water Softener 96K grains

Eliminating Sulfur Smells

That unpleasant "rotten egg" odor in your water can come from hydrogen sulfide but may also originate from iron-reducing or sulfate-reducing bacteria. Bacteria and mineral buildup inside your hot water heater can create smelly slime and gases too. Let the experts at Aqua-Wise analyze your water to pinpoint causes and equip you with effective solutions like the Iron Breaker III to rid your home of noxious sulfur stenches for good.

Understanding Well Water Systems: A Complete Guide

Complete Water Treatment Solutions

In addition to the Iron Breaker III filter, Aqua-Wise provides a full range of advanced water treatment systems to address any water quality issues:

And more! Aqua-Wise also offers financing options to help purchase necessary water quality improvement equipment.

Protecting the Floridan Aquifer

The Floridan aquifer system provides fresh water not only locally but across several southern states. However, pollution threatens this vital resource. Proper treatment of household and commercial water protects both homeowners and the entire region that depends on the Floridan aquifer.


Your Health and Water Quality

Hard water and contaminants can negatively impact skin, hair, and more as described in this article on water quality and personal care. Take control of your home's water to protect your family's health.

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Contact Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions to learn more and arrange a complimentary analysis of your water's quality and personalized treatment recommendations from our team of experts.

Our Process for Providing Clean Water

The Benefits of Well Water Treatment Systems

Investing in a high-quality well water treatment system offers numerous advantages for homeowners relying on private well water. Here are some of the key benefits:

Save Money Over Time

While requiring an initial installation investment, well water systems allow you to avoid monthly municipal water bills in the long run. Over years of use, the system can effectively pay for itself.

Take Control of Your Water Quality

Unlike public water supplies with fluctuating source water quality, you can closely monitor your well water and customize treatment for contaminant removal. This allows you to take direct control over the purity and safety of the water your household consumes.

Establish Water Independence

Well water systems provide self-sufficiency, allowing you to meet your household's water needs independently. You won't deal with disruptions to the public water supply or restrictions on water use.

Gain Access to Fresh, Clean Water

When properly maintained, well water treatment systems can actually deliver cleaner, fresher water to your home than what municipal treatment plants provide. Custom filtration solutions target specific contaminants.

Prevent Damage and Wear

Untreated well water containing certain minerals and contaminants can damage plumbing and appliances over time. The right treatment system prevents costly repairs or replacements.

Improve Taste and Odor

Unwanted smells, colors, and tastes often originate from substances mixed into well water. Treatment removes these aesthetic issues that municipal supplies can also suffer from.

Safeguard Your Health

Well water treatment protects you and your family against harmful contaminants like bacteria, nitrates, arsenic, lead, and others by removing threats before they enter your home's distribution system.

Simple, Hands-Off Operation

Modern treatment systems run seamlessly in the background with minimal maintenance aside from periodic testing and filter changes. Reliable automation and remote monitoring make system oversight easy.

Retain Your Property Value

Treated well water keeps plumbing and fixtures like faucets and sinks looking new over years of use, maintaining the value and appeal of your home.

Do Your Part for Sustainability

Taking responsibility for sourcing and treating water on your own property promotes personal and environmental sustainability by reducing demand on shared public water supplies.


** Configure Solutions to Match Your Needs**

With well water treatment, the solutions implemented match the issues present in your untreated source water. This customized approach solves your specific water quality challenges.

Consulting a water quality expert is key to enjoying all the benefits of a well water treatment system tailored for your situation. Reach out today to get started!

Common Well Water Contaminants and Solutions

Well water is susceptible to containing harmful contaminants that can impact health and plumbing systems. Here are some of the most frequent well water quality issues and treatment solutions:


Coliform bacteria and E. coli often infiltrate from surface water. Disinfection via chlorination, ultraviolet light sterilization, or ozone effectively kills bacteria.


Runoff from fertilizers and leaking septic systems contribute high nitrate levels. Reverse osmosis or ion exchange systems remove nitrates.

Heavy Metals

Lead, arsenic, copper, and other metals leach naturally from surrounding soil and bedrock. Oxidizing filters convert metals into filterable particles to remove them.

Hardness Minerals

Calcium and magnesium dissolved in water cause scale buildup and detergent inefficiency. Water softeners exchange hardness minerals for sodium ions.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Sulfur bacteria produce rotten egg odor and black slime. Oxidizing media filters eliminate sulfur and prevent sulfur bacteria growth.


Iron causes reddish stains on fixtures and clothing as well as metallic taste. Oxidizing filters convert iron into particles for effective elimination.


Tannins from decaying organic matter make water appear tea-colored. Activated carbon filtration removes these plant-derived compounds.


Particulates like sand make water cloudy or turbid. Sediment filters mechanically trap particles down to 1-5 microns in size.

pH Imbalance

Low or high pH accelerates pipe corrosion. pH neutralization systems adjust pH to ideal 6.8-8 range.

Testing well water yearly and after events like floods informs treatment requirements for neutralizing specific contaminants present. With the right system in place, well water can become cleaner and safer than municipal supplies.

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