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Contaminants Database

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* The results are the contaminants that the system eliminates


Used for disinfection, excess exposure can cause respiratory irritation and health risks.

City & Well


Dangerous pollutant necessitating close water monitoring

City & Well


Copper is a common drinking water contaminant that can have adverse health effects

City & Well

Nitrate (as Nitrogen)

Health concern in water; stringent control

City & Well


Safe in moderation; high levels can lead to scaling and hardness in water.

City & Well

E. coli

E. coli bacteria in drinking water around Tampa Bay poses health risks like diarrhea, kidney failure, and cancer.

City & Well


Learn about the presence of PFAS drinking water contaminants in Tampa Bay area and water treatment solutions

City & Well


Harmful pollutant; subject to strict regulation

City & Well


High levels can cause cardiovascular and skeletal issues; acute exposure is harmful.

City & Well


The probable carcinogen 1,4-dioxane has been detected at unsafe levels in drinking water across Tampa Bay.

City & Well


Possible contaminant; monitor water quality

City & Well

Alpha Emitters

Radioactive water risk necessitating careful monitoring

City & Well

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