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Professional Testing Ensures Safety and Usability

Understand Your Water's Hardness, pH, Chlorine and TDS Levels

Hard water and contaminants can affect more than just the taste, odor and appearance of your water. They can also impact Health Effects of Hard Water and Contaminants on Personal Care

  • your family's health

  • your home's pipes and appliances

  • the quality of cleaning, bathing and more


Receive Customized Solutions Based on Your Unique Water Chemistry

Based on your specific water test results, our water quality experts can recommend customized solutions to improve water quality through filtration, softening and conditioning systems.

pH - Acidity/Alkalinity

The pH level is one of the most important tests. It measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water on a scale from 0 to 14. Knowing the pH helps determine effective corrosion control methods to prevent metal components like pipes and fixtures from corroding. A pH near 7 is ideal for most uses. Extremely low or high pH levels may make the water unpleasant or even unsafe for drinking.

Total Hardness

Testing for total hardness gives insight into the mineral content, specifically the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Harder water has more scaling potential, which can clog pipes and appliances. For drinking water, moderate hardness is recommended, though personal preference varies. Soft water below 60ppm may taste flat, while very hard water tends to limit soap's lathering ability.


The chlorine test checks if enough disinfectant is present to inhibit microbial growth in the distribution system, keeping the tap water safe from harmful bacteria. Minimum residuals between 0.2 and 0.5ppm are typical standards. Too much chlorine impacts taste and odor. Proper chlorine sanitization is crucial for public health.

Discounts, Promotions, and Financing Options

We offer special discounts, promotions, and financing options to help make quality water solutions affordable.

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Our water testing and treatment professionals have over 20 years experience creating quality water for Florida homes and businesses.

We follow testing methods used by EPA, NSF and Water Quality Association guidelines.

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