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Aqua-Wise Affiliate Program

Improving Lives Through Clean Water - Join the Aqua-Wise Affiliate Program

Clean, contaminant-free water is essential for health and wellbeing. At Aqua-Wise, we are passionate about providing solutions that filter out dangerous toxins and pollutants from home water supplies. We want to get our systems into as many houses as possible to improve lives through clean water access.

That's why we have created an industry-leading affiliate program to spread the word. As an Aqua-Wise affiliate, you can earn 20% lifetime commissions for each system you help sell. With an average order value over $700, that can add up quickly!

Optimized Landing Page for Conversions

We are dedicated to supporting our affiliates with optimized landing pages, email templates, banners, and promotional materials. Our in-house team works tirelessly to A/B test landing pages and improve conversion rates. Affiliates using our resources typically see conversion rates exceeding 8%.

We also provide pre-written email templates that convert at over 15% - the highest in the water filtration vertical. These materials are created by expert copywriters to generate more sales for our affiliates.


Promote a Product that Improves Lives

Our water filtration solutions remove over 500 harmful contaminants from home water:

  • Lead

  • Bacteria

  • Pesticides

  • Chlorine Byproducts

  • Pharmaceuticals


Over 2 million households in the United States rely on Aqua-Wise to improve the quality of water coming through their taps. It's a product that truly enhances lives.

Becoming an affiliate allows you to deliver these life-changing systems to more families while earning substantial commissions along the way.

Take Your Income to the Next Level

If you have a website, email list, or social media following related to health, green living, home services, or preparedness - the Aqua-Wise affiliate program is a perfect fit. Our products naturally integrate into content on those topics.

As an Aqua-Wise affiliate, you'll gain access to your own referral link and backend dashboard to track sales and commissions. We provide monthly payouts via PayPal so you will see a steady stream of passive income.

See How Much You Can Earn

Find out why Aqua-Wise affiliates consistently tout our program as the most lucrative and easiest way to monetize their sites and channels.

To get started and score the marketing materials that convert visitors into buyers, visit the Aqua-Wise affiliate program page and submit an application today. We approve applications quickly so you can start earning almost immediately.

Join a Mission to Bring Clean Water to Homes Across the Country

Become an Aqua-Wise affiliate and play a role in providing families with the gift of clean, contaminant-free water - all while getting paid excellent commissions month after month.

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