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Thallium Contamination in Tampa Bay Drinking Water - A Growing Concern


Thallium is a heavy metal that is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. It is found naturally in soils but can also enter drinking water supplies through industrial pollution. Thallium is extremely toxic even at low levels and exposure can cause hair loss, nervous system damage, intestinal problems, and death. Recent testing has detected concerning levels of thallium in tap water within several communities in the Tampa Bay region. This is an alarming public health issue that requires immediate attention.

Thallium Detection in Tampa Bay Tap Water

Testing conducted in 2022 by local utilities and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has revealed thallium contamination above the legal limit of 2 parts per billion (ppb) in drinking water supplies serving the following areas:

Hillsborough County

  • Apollo Beach

  • Bloomingdale

  • Brandon

  • Carrollwood

  • Cheval

  • Citrus Park

  • Dover

  • FishHawk

  • Keystone

  • Lake Magdalene

  • Lutz

  • Mango

  • Riverview

  • Seffner

  • Thonotosassa

  • Town 'n' Country

  • Valrico

  • Wimauma

Pinellas County

  • Belleair

  • Belleair Beach

  • Belleair Bluffs

  • Belleair Shore

  • Clearwater

  • Dunedin

  • Indian Rocks Beach

  • Indian Shores

  • Kenneth City

  • Largo

  • Madeira Beach

  • Oldsmar

  • Palm Harbor

  • Pinellas Park

  • Redington Beach

  • Redington Shores

  • Safety Harbor

  • Seminole

  • South Pasadena

  • St. Pete Beach

  • St. Petersburg

  • Tarpon Springs

  • Treasure Island

Pasco County

  • Bay Pines

  • Bayonet Point

  • Carrollwood Village

  • Dade City

  • Elfers

  • Holiday

  • Hudson

  • Hudson Beach

  • Jasmine Estates

  • Lacoochee

  • Land O' Lakes

  • Moon Lake

  • New Port Richey

  • New Port Richey East

  • Odessa

  • Port Richey

  • San Antonio

  • Shady Hills

  • Trinity

  • Zephyrhills

Health Dangers of Thallium

The EPA has set the maximum contaminant level for thallium at 2 ppb due to the severe health risks it poses even at very low doses. Thallium is extremely toxic and can have acute and chronic effects:

  • Hair loss: One of the early signs of thallium poisoning is loss of hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes may fall out and scalp hair loosens and sheds.

  • Gastrointestinal problems: Abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea are common symptoms.

  • Neurological damage: Thallium exposure can lead to nerve damage resulting in tingling hands and feet, muscle weakness, loss of motor skills, and mental impairments.

  • Organ damage: Kidneys, liver, lungs, and heart can be harmed by thallium.

  • Death: High doses of thallium can lead to convulsions, coma, and death. The estimated lethal dose is 10-15 mg per kilogram of body weight.

Infants, children, pregnant women, and those with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable to thallium's toxic effects. Studies have linked long-term exposure to low levels of thallium with higher rates of cancer, heart disease, and reproductive issues.

Water Treatment Solutions from Aqua-Wise

To protect the health of Tampa Bay families, Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions offers specialized systems that can remove thallium and other heavy metals from water supplies. We recommend the following effective treatment options:

The AquaLux Water Softener uses a high-capacity ion exchange resin to filter out calcium, magnesium, and heavy metals like thallium.

The AquaCarbonGuard Catalytic Carbon Filter combines catalytic coconut shell carbon with oxidation for eliminating thallium, lead, mercury, chromium 6, chlorine, and more.

The AquaBlue Whole House Filter System is a comprehensive 5-stage filtration process incorporating sediment filtration, KDF85 filtration media, and dual carbon block filters to remove heavy metals along with other common contaminants.

The HydroClear Ozone Generator uses ozone oxidation to destroy bacteria and also converts dissolved heavy metals like thallium into particles that can then be filtered out.

The AquaRevive Reverse Osmosis System forces water through a semi-permeable membrane that blocks thallium, arsenic, lead, fluoride, sodium, nitrates, and other inorganic contaminants.

We also offer advanced solutions for commercial properties and well water systems. Contact our water treatment experts today to learn more about the right purification system for your needs and home.

The Vulnerability of Florida's Water

The recent detection of thallium in Tampa Bay communities underscores the vulnerability of Florida's drinking water. The state draws the majority of its tap water from the expansive Floridan Aquifer System which can be contaminated by leaching from soils, stormwater runoff, septic tanks, landfills, mining, and industrial activities. Proactive protection and treatment of our water supplies is essential.

Take Action for Clean, Safe Water

Consumers should not take chances with their health and instead take proactive steps to protect themselves from contaminated tap water. Test your home's water to identify any issues. Partner with a water quality expert like Aqua-Wise to install a water purification system tailored to your needs. And use a shower filter and faucet filter to remove impurities. You deserve clean, safe water free of dangerous contaminants like thallium. Schedule your FREE water test today or call 727-236-7161.


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