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Removing Bacteria from Drinking Water in Tampa Bay

Removing Bacteria from Drinking Water in Tampa Bay
Removing Bacteria from Drinking Water in Tampa Bay

Determining the most effective water filtration system to remove bacteria depends on understanding the source of your water and the specific contaminants present. Tampa Bay area residents on municipal water systems face different concerns than those relying on private wells, but some high-quality solutions can treat both city and well water sources effectively.

Evaluating City Water Quality in Tampa Bay

The Floridan Aquifer provides most of the groundwater for municipal water systems in the Tampa Bay region. While this vast underground reservoir contains high-quality water overall, risks of contamination exist. Bacteria and other microbes can infiltrate groundwater supplies through:

  • Surface water pollution seeping into aquifer recharge zones

  • Leaking septic systems near supply wells

  • Direct runoff into wells from heavy rains

Old pipes and storage tanks in city distribution systems also pose contamination threats. Corrosion and sediment buildup create environments where bacteria can multiply.

Health Effects of Hard Water and Contaminants on Personal Care – Local water quality reports show that most Tampa Bay area city water meets federal standards for bacterial contamination. However, harmful organisms like E. coli and coliform bacteria may spike after heavy storms or treatment facility issues. Sensitive individuals should consider extra purification measures.

Well Water Bacterial Risks in Tampa Bay

Residents relying on private wells for household water face higher bacterial contamination risks than those on city water systems. Common well water bacterial threats include:

  • E. coli – This bacteria indicates fecal contamination from humans, pets, livestock, or wildlife. It can cause severe gastrointestinal illness.

  • Coliform bacteria – While generally less dangerous than E. coli, coliforms signal that surface contaminants may be entering a well. These bacteria live on plants, in soil, and in animals.

  • Iron and sulfur bacteria – These nuisance bacteria produce unpleasant odors, stained plumbing fixtures, and rusty water. They occur naturally in Florida groundwater but flourish in oxygen-rich well water systems.

Well owners in Florida should test water at least annually for bacterial contamination and immediately address any positive results.

Water Filtration Solutions for Removing Bacteria

Several advanced water purification technologies can reduce or eliminate bacteriological threats for Tampa Bay area homes. Choosing the right system depends on:

  • Water source (municipal or private well)

  • Tested contaminants present

  • Desired treatment capacity

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants from water. This membrane has pores small enough to block bacteria and other microorganisms. Typical pore sizes range from 0.0001 to 0.001 microns while bacteria are around 0.2 to 2 microns. So the RO membrane acts as a physical barrier to bacteria.

Additionally, RO systems often include pre-filters before the RO membrane. These can trap sediment that could harbor bacteria. And some systems have post-filters after the membrane, like UV disinfection or chlorination, to catch any bacteria that might pass through microscopic membrane defects.

So RO provides multiple barriers to bacteria removal:

  • Physical exclusion by the tight RO membrane

  • Pre-filtration to remove sediment & other contaminants

  • Post-disinfection through UV, chlorine injection, etc.

Well-designed reverse osmosis systems can eliminate up to 99% of waterborne bacteria. For these reasons, RO finds wide application in medical facilities, commercial food & beverage operations, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other uses where bacterial contamination poses significant risks.

To specifically cover RO systems for bacteria removal in the Tampa area, I would recommend adding a section on AquaRevive Reverse Osmosis System. This is an important option for Tampa Bay area homeowners concerned about bacterial contamination.

Whole House City Water Systems

Whole House City Water Systems provide complete purification for all household water on a single municipal connection. These systems filter out lead, chemicals, sediments, odors, hard minerals, and bacteria. Whole house units for city water feature:

  • Multistage filtration – Combines several technologies like oxidizing filters, activated carbon, and specialty media to remove wide ranging contaminants.

  • Real-time monitoring – Electronic alerts warn homeowners of filter exhaustion and other issues needing attention.

  • Smart app controls – Allows remote adjustment of settings, scheduling of service, and tracking of water usage.

  • Durable tanks – Stainless steel or composites resist corrosion and prevent bacterial growth inside the system.

  • Simplified installation – Compact all-in-one units simplify adding advanced water purification to existing plumbing.

For city water customers needing protection from bacteria and other risks, whole house systems provide comprehensive filtering with minimal fuss.


OzonePro systems destroy bacteria through the incredible oxidizing power of ozone gas. OzonePro units inject ozone into household water supplies where it:

  • Renders bacteria unable to reproduce

  • Breaks down cell walls to destroy microorganisms

  • Removes biofilms that harbor bacteria

As one of nature’s most powerful disinfectants, ozone offers rapid and effective bacteria treatment without introducing chemicals into water. It leaves no unpleasant taste or odors.

Combine OzonePro with filters for sediment, chemicals, and hardness for whole house protection.


AquaGuard UV SYSTEM uses the germicidal effects of ultraviolet light to wipe out 99.99% of waterborne bacteria and viruses without chemicals. As water passes through the UV chamber, UV rays penetrate cell walls in microorganisms and disrupt DNA to terminate reproduction.

Suitable for homes on city or well water, AquaGuard UV gives targeted bacteria protection that complements other filtration systems. Pair it with Catalytic Carbon Filters or Whole House Filtration for removing other risks like sediments, heavy metals, VOCs, chlorine, and chloramines.

Retention Tank + Chlorine Injection System

This combo allows precise, automated dosing of chlorine to eliminate bacteria with a minimal chlorine residual. The system features:

  • 5,000 Gallon Polyethylene or Fiberglass Retention Tank

  • Automated Chlorine Pump Injector

  • pH Monitoring and Control

  • Residual Monitoring with Automatic Pump Shutdown

By storing purified water and maintaining precise free chlorine residuals of 0.2 to 0.5 ppm, the system provides safe disinfected household water with residual chlorination minimized.

Retention Tank + Chlorine Injection System works for city or well water sources to prevent bacteria at the whole house level.

Maintaining Bacteria-Free Well Water

In addition to advanced filtration methods, well owners can take proactive measures to protect wells from bacterial infiltration:

Annual Testing

Test wells annually for coliform bacteria and E. coli as well as key parameters like pH, iron, manganese, and sulfates. This allows early detection and remediation of contamination events.

Sanitize Wells & Plumbing

Shock chlorination procedures help eliminate existing bacteria from wells and pipes while preventing biofilm formation. Most experts recommend annual chlorine shock treatments.

Manage Surface Contaminants

Divert storm runoff, livestock waste, and septic flows away from wells through proper grading, piping, and location selection. Keep wellheads flooded above grade. Inspect well caps and seals routinely for cracks that allow contaminant entry.

WellFusion Well Water Treatment Systems combine advanced filtration with professional sanitization procedures, water testing services, and contaminant source management. This complete approach gives Tampa area well owners protection from bacterial threats.

Financing Clean Water Solutions

Upgrading home water systems carries costs, but financing options at Aqua-Wise bring advanced purification within reach. With approval for 0% APR financing up to 36 months, homeowners can install whole house bacteria removal systems with payments as low as $50 monthly.

Schedule a Free Tampa Bay Area Water Test

Identifying specific bacteria and other contaminants in your water allows creating a customized purification plan. Aqua-Wise offers full lab testing with no obligation to area homeowners.

Schedule Your FREE Water Test Today: 727-236-7161

Aqua-Wise serves all of Tampa Bay with water treatment solutions from basic water softeners to advanced UV, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis, ozone generators, and whole house systems. Professional water specialists help homeowners identify their unique water quality concerns and create affordable solutions. With experience across municipal and private well sources plus expertise in commercial/industrial systems, Aqua-Wise stands ready to solve any water quality challenge.

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