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The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis for Clean Drinking Water in Tampa Bay, Florida

Updated: Nov 6

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis for Clean Drinking Water in Tampa Bay, Florida
The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis for Clean Drinking Water in Tampa Bay, Florida

Clean, safe drinking water is essential for good health. However, tap water can contain harmful contaminants like lead, bacteria, chlorine and pesticides. Reverse osmosis (RO) is an effective method for removing these pollutants to produce cleaner, safer drinking water.

RO uses a semi-permeable membrane and pressure to push water through, filtering out dissolved salts, minerals, particles and other impurities. This leaves behind fresh, potable water that is free of dangerous toxins. Read on to learn more about how reverse osmosis works and the many benefits it provides for drinking water in Tampa Bay, Florida.

How Reverse Osmosis Removes Contaminants from Water

Reverse osmosis utilizes a multi-stage filtration process to thoroughly cleanse water. Here is an overview of how it works:


Before reaching the RO membrane, water passes through pre-filters which trap sediment, rust, silt and other particles. These pre-filters extend the life of the RO membrane.


The pre-filtered water is pressurized and pumped into the semi-permeable RO membrane. This allows pure water to pass through while rejecting dissolved solids and impurities.

RO Membrane

At the heart of the system is the RO membrane which acts as an extremely fine filter to separate clean water from contaminants. Water molecules can pass through the pores while larger molecules get left behind and drained away.


After the RO membrane, the filtered water may go through additional polishing filters to remove any remaining tastes and odors, resulting in fresh, clean drinking water.

Top Benefits of Reverse Osmosis for Tampa Bay Drinking Water

Reverse osmosis is one of the most thorough filtration methods available. Here are some of the top benefits RO provides for drinking water in the Tampa Bay area:

1. Removes Harmful Contaminants

RO effectively reduces or removes a wide range of dangerous water pollutants:

  • Lead - Known to cause neurological damage and other health problems. Old lead pipes are common.

  • Chlorine - Added to tap water as a disinfectant. Can form carcinogenic byproducts.

  • Pesticides - Runoff from lawns and farms pollutes water supplies. Linked to illness.

  • Bacteria and Viruses - Disease-causing pathogens from sewage leaks or animal waste.

  • Arsenic - Naturally occurring and carcinogenic even at low levels.

  • Fluoride - Added to water supplies. Can cause skeletal damage at high levels.

  • Radon - Radioactive gas dissolved in well water. Causes lung cancer.

RO provides a safeguard against these and many other contaminants by reducing their levels to well below EPA limits.

2. Removes Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

RO filters out elevated TDS levels in water. TDS refers to invisible dissolved mineral salts and metals, measured in parts per million (ppm).

High TDS gives water a salty, bitter taste and can cause scale buildup in pipes and appliances. It comes from natural geology, runoff and sewage.

RO lowers TDS, improving purity and taste. It also prevents scale deposits from ruining hot water heaters, faucets and more.

3. Protects Against Water Hardness

Hard water contains excess dissolved calcium and magnesium, which causes nuisance limescale deposits and soap scum. Tampa's water is considered very hard.

RO softens hard water by removing up to 99% of hardness-causing minerals. This protects plumbing and extends the life of appliances. Your skin will feel smoother and hair shinier after bathing in softened RO water as well.

4. Removes Bad Tastes and Odors

Unpleasant smells or tastes often stem from chlorine disinfectants, organic compounds and algal blooms in reservoirs.

RO eliminates tastes and odors, resulting in water with a fresh, pure flavor. It makes drinks like coffee and tea taste better too.

5. Safer for Children and Infants

Young children and infants are especially vulnerable to contaminants. RO gives parents peace of mind by providing water with very low levels of lead, bacteria, nitrates and other threats.

It's recommended to use filtered water when preparing baby formula and juices. RO water poses less risk of gastrointestinal illness for kids as well.

6. Enhances Appliance Lifespan

Scale mineral deposits reduce efficiency and damage water-using appliances over time.

Because RO prevents scale buildup, your appliances like coffee makers, steam irons and humidifiers will last longer. Avoid pricey repairs or replacements.

7. More Convenient Than Bottled Water

RO systems are economical compared to continually buying bottled water. There's no need to lug heavy bottles home from the store either.

RO provides premium quality water direct from the tap. Simply fill up a reusable bottle or glass when thirsty.

8. Great for Sensitive Individuals

Those with chemical sensitivities or compromised immune systems especially benefit from ultra-purified RO water. It contains almost no allergens, bacteria, chlorine or other irritants.

RO water is also distilled-quality, which may help some health conditions when used for drinking and cooking.

9. Improves Hydration and Mineral Absorption

Dehydration is common in warmer climates like Florida. Purified water helps the body absorb moisture better. Staying well hydrated carries many health perks.

Since RO water is low in minerals, it’s also ideal for proper mineral absorption. Essential minerals from foods and supplements absorb more efficiently into distilled-quality water.

RO maximizes hydration and mineral absorption for improved energy, skin, weight loss and overall well-being.

10. Environmentally-Friendly

RO systems produce pure water while using less plastic than bottled water. This helps reduce waste and your carbon footprint.

RO is also a sustainable solution since the membrane can last 2-5 years if properly maintained. The water it treats is recycled for non-potable uses like gardening.

Reverse osmosis technology provides a long-term, eco-friendly means of accessing clean, contaminant-free drinking water right at home.

Ideal RO System Pairings for Tampa Bay Water Treatment

Reverse osmosis effectively removes a vast array of pollutants. However, its filtration abilities can be further enhanced by pairing it with complementary water purification technologies:

  • AquaCarbonGuard Catalytic Carbon Filter - Removes heavy metals like iron, lead and arsenic through an oxidation process. Also filters herbicides, pesticides and chlorine byproducts.

  • AquaGuard UV SYSTEM for Bacteria Removal - UV light destroys 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts as water passes through, disinfecting it.

  • Retention Tank + Chlorine Injection System - Chlorination kills pathogens and provides residual disinfection capacity in the distribution system.

  • AquaSoft Water Softener - Ion exchange water softening reduces scale-forming hardness before the RO unit for longer membrane life.

  • HydroClear Ozone Generator - Ozone oxidation inactivates bacteria and viruses while breaking down pesticides, detergents and other organics.

  • AquaBlue Whole House Filter System - Whole-home sediment filtration protects against sand, silt, rust and particulates from damaging RO membranes and other components.

This multi-barrier approach utilizes different treatment mechanisms to target a wide spectrum of contaminants for maximum water purification.

Reverse Osmosis Improves Drinking Water from Various Sources

In addition to municipal water supplies, reverse osmosis also effectively treats well water and surface water that may face contamination issues in Florida:

  • Well Water - Often contains corrosive iron, sulfur, manganese, radon and microorganisms from groundwater pollution and aquifer contamination. RO removes these impurities for cleaner well water.

  • Surface Water - More prone to bacteria, parasites, algal toxins, chemical runoff and turbidity (cloudiness) from lakes, rivers and reservoirs. RO eliminates these risks for safer surface water.

  • Floridan Aquifer Water - This major aquifer system supplying many in Florida faces threats from saltwater intrusion, pollution, overpumping, and karst geology enabling contaminant transport. RO acts as protection against these issues.

No matter your water source, RO filtration provides quality, purified water for worry-free drinking.

Health Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

Drinking optimally purified water from an RO system offers many advantages for health and well-being:

  • Boosts energy and relieves fatigue

  • Improves skin clarity and texture

  • Supports detoxification

  • Aids kidney function and reduces kidney stones

  • May help reduce inflammation

  • Better mineral absorption from foods

  • Hydrates more efficiently

  • Lowers risk of gastrointestinal illness

  • Enhances immunity against waterborne disease

  • Protects cognitive function and development in children

Reverse osmosis reduces toxins linked to cancer, organ damage, hormonal issues and other chronic diseases. RO water helps individuals feel and function at their best.

Reverse Osmosis Improves Taste of Foods and Beverages

Using highly purified RO water also enhances the taste of beverages and foods:

  • Coffee, tea and juices taste crisper and more flavorful

  • Soups, rice and pasta come out tastier

  • Breads and baked goods have better texture

  • Produce and meats cooked with RO water retain more flavor

  • Mixes better with alcoholic drinks like cocktails or lemonade

  • Pets enjoy fresher tasting water too

Give your home cooking and beverages a taste boost by utilizing refreshing RO water.

Better Personal Care and Cleaning with RO Water

In addition to consumption, RO water has benefits for bathing, cleaning and beauty routines:

  • Attains lather quickly with soaps and shampoos

  • Leaves skin and hair feeling softer without residue

  • Allows moisturizers to absorb better into the skin

  • Makes cleaning solutions more effective

  • Prevents soap scum buildup on tubs and tiles

  • Improves clarity when cleaning eyeglasses or jewelry

  • Leaves no spots on mirrors or windows

Reverse osmosis water helps you look and feel your best while keeping your home sparkling clean.


Reverse osmosis is hands down one of the most effective technologies for removing dangerous contaminants and purifying drinking water. RO provides cleaner, safer water for you and your family.

Some key takeaways on the benefits of reverse osmosis water:

  • Multi-stage filtration process eliminates vast array of pollutants

  • Greatly reduces lead, bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, fluoride and other threats

  • Softens hard water and removes unpleasant tastes and odors

  • Safer for children and those with chemical sensitivities

  • More cost-effective and eco-friendly than bottled water

  • Enhances hydration, mineral absorption and immune function

  • Improves taste of beverages, foods and dishes

  • Better personal care, cleaning and beauty regimens

Investing in a reverse osmosis system for your home or office is one of the wisest decisions you can make for your health. Contact the water quality experts at Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions to learn more about RO systems and guaranteed safe, clean water.


EPA National Primary Drinking Water Regulations

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