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Common Well Issues in Tampa Bay: Signs, Causes, and Solutions

Common Well Issues in Tampa Bay: Signs, Causes, and Solutions
Common Well Issues in Tampa Bay: Signs, Causes, and Solutions

If you rely on a private well for your water supply in Tampa Bay, you may encounter some common issues that can affect water quality and quantity. Being aware of the signs, causes, and solutions for typical well problems can help you address them promptly. Some of the most prevalent well challenges in the area involve bacterial contamination, mineral buildup, low water levels, and saltwater intrusion.

Bacterial Contamination

Bacteria like E. coli can infiltrate well water through cracks in the well casing, improper sealing, or runoff after heavy rains. The signs of bacterial contamination include:

  • Cloudy or muddy water

  • Rotten egg odor

  • Stomach cramps, nausea, or diarrhea after drinking the water

Bacteria enters wells through surface water that has not been adequately filtered. animal waste can also be a source of contamination. Heavy rains and flooding increase the risks by carrying more runoff into well water.

To remove bacteria like E. coli from well water, disinfection is needed. A HydroClear Ozone Generator or AquaGuard UV SYSTEM uses sanitizing technologies that destroy pathogens. Annual testing for coliform bacteria is recommended to monitor well safety.

Hard Water and Mineral Buildup

Hard water contains high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. In the Tampa area, these minerals often leach into groundwater from limestone bedrock and the underlying Floridan Aquifer. The signs of hard well water include:

  • Chalky mineral deposits on faucets and plumbing fixtures

  • Scale buildup on appliances

  • Stiff, rough feeling laundry

  • Soap scum on skin and bathtubs

  • Dull hair and skin irritation

To reduce mineral buildup, a AquaLux Water Softener system is recommended. The softener filters out the magnesium and calcium, leaving water feeling smooth. Softened water prevents scale on plumbing and appliances, improves lathering, and leaves skin and hair feeling healthier.

Low Water Levels

If your well relies on rainwater and groundwater recharge, periods of drought can result in lowering water levels. Signs of low well water volume include:

  • Reduced water pressure at faucets and showers

  • Pump cycling on and off frequently

  • Pump unable to keep up during periods of heavy use

  • Water flow sputters during appliance use

Causes can include lack of rainfall, high usage during hot weather, or a problem with your well pump. Solutions for low water levels include installing a new pump, upgrading to a larger storage capacity, or drilling the well deeper to access more groundwater.

Saltwater Intrusion

In coastal areas, drawing too much fresh groundwater from an aquifer can allow saltwater to migrate inland, contaminating wells. Signs of saltwater intrusion include:

  • Salty taste and corrosion of plumbing and fixtures

  • Increase in water conductivity

  • Declining water quality over time

Preventing overpumping, reducing water usage, and supporting aquifer recharge can help stop saltwater intrusion. Treatment options include reverse osmosis filtration with an AquaRevive System or ion exchange water softening with an AquaLux Softener.

Rusty Color and Metallic Taste

Rusty or red-orange water with a metallic flavor is often caused by high iron or manganese levels. Iron bacteria can also produce red-brown slime in plumbing. To remove iron, manganese, and iron bacteria, an AquaCarbonGuard Catalytic Carbon Filter works through oxidation and filtration. An AquaBlue Whole House Filter can also effectively reduce these contaminants for better water quality.

Professional Water Testing and Treatment

For home wells in the Tampa area, regular water testing through an accredited lab is recommended to identify any issues. An annual test for common contaminants provides peace of mind about your family's water supply.

If test results show any excessive levels of bacteria, minerals, metals or other problems, a customized water treatment system from Aqua-Wise can provide the solution. We offer whole-house systems to address any water quality issues identified.

Conclusion: Keep Your Well Water Clean and Pure

Safe water is essential for health, so staying on top of common well issues is important for Tampa Bay area homeowners. Watch for any signs of bacterial contamination, mineral buildup, low water levels or saltwater intrusion. With annual testing and the right treatment systems, Aqua-Wise can keep your well water clean, pure and pleasant tasting straight from the tap.

Schedule Your FREE Water Test Today: 727-236-7161 to get started improving your well water quality. Aqua-Wise provides customizable whole house water filtration and softening systems to resolve any problems efficiently. Maintain your well system properly so your water stays clear and free of issues year after year.


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