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Saving Money on Salt for Your Water Softener in Tampa Bay

Updated: Oct 28

Save significantly on the salt required for your Tampa Bay water softener system. Learn smart buying strategies and efficiency tips.
Save significantly on the salt required for your Tampa Bay water softener system. Learn smart buying strategies and efficiency tips.

If you have a water softener system in your Tampa Bay home, you know that recharging the salt regularly is essential to keeping your water soft and scale-free. While salt is relatively inexpensive, costs can add up over time, especially if you are not strategic about buying and using it efficiently. With some planning and smart strategies, you can save significantly on the salt your water softener requires.

Buying Salt in Bulk

One of the best ways to save on salt is to buy it in large bulk quantities. Many home improvement and wholesale stores sell salt in 40 lb or 80 lb bags, which can offer considerable cost savings per pound compared to smaller boxes or bags. Purchasing a pallet of salt bags at once yields even greater discounts in most cases.

When buying bulk salt:

  • Shop around for the best bulk pricing at stores in your area and online. Prices can vary significantly, so check options.

  • Consider pool salt if the specifications meet your softener needs. Pool salt is often the same product in larger packaging sizes.

  • Calculate how much salt you use monthly or annually. Buying 6 months' or a year's supply at once maximizes savings.

  • Ensure you have a dry storage area for bulk purchases. Salt bags stacked on pallets can be left outdoors if they will stay completely dry.

  • Recruit a friend to help transport large quantities. Some stores offer free loading assistance.

  • Reuse old salt bags to portion out smaller amounts as needed for your softener. Funnel salt into the brine tank from bulk bags.

Finding Salt Sales and Coupons

If big bulk purchases are not feasible, look for sales and coupons on smaller salt bags and boxes. Stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and Walmart often run sales or have coupons available on their websites or apps. Local grocery and hardware stores also regularly put salt on sale if you watch the circulars for deals.

You can save 10-20% or more on salt costs by stocking up during sales. Also look for any rebates or seasonal discounts on brands like Morton, Diamond Crystal, or Cargill. Purchasing ahead helps budget salt costs over the year.

Reusing and Recycling Old Salt

Before pouring more salt into your brine tank, check first to see if any residual salt is still undissolved. There may be a considerable amount built up that you can reuse instead of adding completely fresh salt. Just stir up the existing salt slurry before starting a regeneration cycle.

When you do install new salt bags, reuse and recycle the old salt bags. Many bags are sturdy plastic or woven poly material. Rinse them out and they can hold other items like ice melt, charcoal, grass seed, or pet food. Reusing helps the environment and reduces waste.

Trying Potassium Chloride

Another option to reduce salt costs is using potassium chloride salt substitute in your softener system. Potassium chloride (also called potassium salt) works similarly to sodium chloride salt but is more expensive per pound. The benefit is you can use a mixture of sodium chloride and potassium chloride, which allows using less salt overall.

Check your softener manufacturer specifications on whether potassium chloride can be mixed with regular salt, and ideal ratios. A 60/40 mix of sodium chloride to potassium chloride can potentially cut your salt use nearly in half. This provides major savings in the long run that can offset the higher potassium chloride product costs.

Comparing Salt Prices in Tampa Bay Area

To find the cheapest salt options in Tampa Bay, it pays to compare prices at major retailers. Here are typical per-bag salt costs at leading stores in the area:

  • Home Depot - 40 lb bag $5.98

  • Lowes - 40 lb bag $6.48

  • Sam's Club - 40 lb bag $5.98

  • Costco - 40 lb bag $5.99

  • Ace Hardware - 40 lb bag $6.49

  • Walmart - 40 lb bag $5.94

  • Best Choice Distributors - Pallet of 56 bags $4.85/bag

Online bulk salt distributors serving the Tampa area offer large pallet bags of salt for as low as $4.50 - $5.25 per 40 lb bag. Delivery fees vary, so factor those costs in when price comparing. Pool salt runs just slightly lower than water softener salt.

Grocery stores and drug stores like Publix, Winn-Dixie, CVS, Walgreens, also stock smaller 10-20 lb bags for $3 to $5. Watch for their periodic sales and coupons.

Overall the cheapest bulk salt prices in the Tampa Bay region start around $5 per 40 lb bag when buying a larger pallet quantity. Shopping sales and using coupons can lower costs on smaller bags and boxes. Price compare between stores for your best deals.

Using Salt Efficiently

Beyond buying salt at the lowest costs, you can also save by using salt as efficiently as possible in your softener system:

  • Program your softener properly - Make sure your salt dose, regeneration schedule, and water hardness settings are programmed correctly based on your actual water usage and hardness level. This prevents over- or under-salting.

  • Upgrade to a demand-initiated softener - These systems regenerate based on actual water usage rather than on a timer. This avoids unnecessary recharging cycles. AquaLux Water Softener systems use up to 40% less salt.

  • Clean brine tank annually - Inspect and clean out any salt bridge buildup so your softener can run efficiently.

  • Monitor salt levels - Refill salt before completely running out to maintain proper brine solution.

  • Pre-wet salt - Allow brine to absorb in salt for 1-2 hours before regeneration to prevent mushing.

  • Funnel in salt - Pouring from bulk bags minimizes spillage and wasted salt.

With smart buying strategies and maximizing the efficiency of your softener, you can realize significant long-term savings on salt costs for your home water treatment system.

Professional Water Softener Services in Tampa Bay

While DIY maintenance can save money on salt, having a professional periodically service your water softener is important to ensuring optimal operation and water quality. The experts at Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions offer full service and repairs on all types of water softeners in Tampa Bay area homes.

Our skilled technicians can inspect your system, check salt levels, clean brine tanks, adjust settings, and perform any needed repairs. We also offer affordable options if you need a new water softener system installed.

Aqua-Wise provides AquaLux Water Softeners featuring the latest smart technology and salt-saving features. Contact us for help maximizing the efficiency of your current softener or upgrading your system.

Professional Water Treatment for All Home Contaminants

In addition to water softeners, Aqua-Wise offers complete whole house water filtration to remove a wide range of contaminants:

We offer free water testing to analyze your home's water and custom design systems to resolve any issues. As a full service company, Aqua-Wise handles professional installation and ongoing service.

Discounts, Financing, and Savings on Water Treatment

Aqua-Wise wants to make improving your home's water quality affordable. We provide:

  • Special discount pricing on all water softeners, filters, and equipment

  • Flexible financing options at 0% APR with approved credit

  • Additional savings on bundled packages of equipment

  • Salt delivery services at discounted bulk rates

Find out more about discount offers by contacting our team today.

Schedule Your FREE Water Test in Tampa Bay

Contact Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions for a free water test and complete home water quality analysis. Our experts will inspect your current equipment and recommend solutions. Call 727-236-7161 or schedule your appointment online:

Free Water Testing Appointment

Improve your water quality and save money on salt and other supplies with Aqua-Wise servicing Tampa Bay since 2007.


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