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Tampa Bay's Guide to Removing Iron from Well Water

Tampa Bay's Guide to Removing Iron from Well Water
Tampa Bay's Guide to Removing Iron from Well Water

Well water in the Tampa Bay area often contains high levels of iron that can cause staining, sediment buildup, and an unpleasant metallic taste. Thankfully, Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions offers a variety of effective iron removal systems to clear up your water supply.

Understanding Iron in Well Water

Iron occurs naturally in soil and rock formations and can dissolve into groundwater as it passes through these deposits. This iron contamination is very common in Florida well water due to the high iron content of the underlying Floridan Aquifer system.

While small amounts of iron are not hazardous to health, excessive iron can cause numerous problems:

Rust Stains and Sediment

Iron particles bind to oxygen and precipitate out of the water to form rust, leaving nasty reddish-brown stains on sinks, bathtubs, appliances, and clothing. These stains are unsightly and difficult to remove. Iron sediment can also build up in pipes and water heaters, reducing flow.

Metallic Taste and Smelly Water

Dissolved iron alters the taste of water, giving it a bitter metallic flavor. Rotten egg odors from sulfur-reducing bacteria are also common in high-iron well water. This makes the water unpleasant to consume.

Inefficient Cleaning and Self-Care

The chemical interactions caused by iron negatively impact soaps, shampoos, and other cleaning agents, preventing them from forming suds or lathering properly. Skin and hair may feel sticky, dull and dirty even after washing.

Choosing an Iron Removal System

Aqua-Wise offers cutting-edge treatment solutions to eliminate iron and protect plumbing and appliances. The best system depends on:

  • Iron Type - Ferrous iron (clear water iron) vs ferric iron (red water iron)

  • Iron Level - Concentration in parts per million (ppm)

  • Water Usage - Whole house vs point-of-use system

Our water specialists evaluate unique needs to engineer custom systems for iron removal. We carry a complete range of options:

Oxidizing Filters

OzonePro injects ozone to instantly oxidize ferrous iron into particulate form that can be filtered out. This process also kills bacteria.

AquaCarbonGuard Catalytic Carbon Filter uses an activated carbon/potassium permanganate media blend to efficiently convert iron into solid particles for filtration.

Ion Exchange Water Softeners

AquaLux Water Softeners exchange hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium for sodium ions. This prevents iron from binding to pipes and fixtures.

Multistage Filtration Systems

AquaBlue Whole House Filters combine several treatment stages into one seamless system, including oxidation, sediment filters, and activated carbon filtration.

HydroClear Ozone Generator uses ozone injection followed by multistage filtration for heavy iron loads. It also treats other contaminants.

WellFusion Well Water Systems integrate iron removal with water softening, UV disinfection, and advanced filtration to comprehensively treat problematic well water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Point-of-use AquaRevive Reverse Osmosis units provide bottled water quality by forcing water through a permeable membrane to remove dissolved iron.

Professional Installation Services

Proper installation is key to maximizing system efficiency and longevity. Our NSF-certified technicians handle all aspects of the installation process:

System Design and Engineering

Each system is sized and programmed based on water test results and site-specific needs for seamless integration.

Permitting and Inspections

We pull all required permits and schedule inspections by local authorities to ensure code compliance.

Complete Installation

Our technicians take care of all plumbing and electrical connections for trouble-free startup.

Ongoing Service Plans

Preventative maintenance keeps systems running at peak performance year after year.

Commercial and Industrial Solutions

In addition to residential well water treatment, Aqua-Wise offers specialized solutions for large-scale iron removal:

No facility is too large or small for Aqua-Wise to effectively treat. Contact our commercial division to discuss specific needs.

Keeping Well Water Safe

In addition to iron removal, well water should be protected against bacteria that can enter compromised plumbing.

AquaGuard UV Disinfection Systems provide an added layer of protection by using powerful ultraviolet light to destroy 99.9% of pathogens without chemicals.

Annual water testing also helps monitor for coliform bacteria and adjust treatment systems accordingly. Contact Aqua-Wise to learn more about our advanced disinfection options.

Reliable Tampa Bay Well Water Specialists

With over 25 years of service excellence, Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions has the expertise to solve any well water problem quickly and affordably.

We are locally owned and operated, using high-quality American-made components. Our water treatment systems are rigorously tested and certified to the highest standards for safety, sustainability and performance.

Schedule Your Water Test Today: 727-236-7161 to get started analyzing your water and designing a custom iron removal plan for your home or business.

Discounts, promotions, and financing options available. Call today to learn more!

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