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Testing Well Water Quality - Identifying and Removing Harmful Contaminants in Tampa Bay, FL

Updated: Oct 3

Well water quality can vary greatly depending on the geology and environment around the well. While well water may seem pure, it can contain harmful bacteria, chemicals, metals and other contaminants that can pose health risks if consumed over time. Regular testing and treatment is essential for safe well water.

Common Well Water Contaminants in Tampa Bay, FL

Some of the most common well water contaminants found in Tampa Bay, FL include:


Bacteria like E. coli, coliform bacteria, and iron bacteria are frequently found in Florida well water. Bacteria can cause gastrointestinal illness.


Nitrates are a common groundwater contaminant in agricultural areas from fertilizer runoff. High nitrate levels can cause blue baby syndrome in infants.


Arsenic is naturally occurring in Florida groundwater aquifers. Long-term ingestion of arsenic can increase cancer risk.


Radon is a radioactive gas that can dissolve into well water from underlying rock. Radon exposure through drinking water increases cancer risk over time.

Hardness Minerals

Calcium, magnesium and other hardness mineral salts are abundant in Tampa's aquifers. Hard water causes scale buildup, dry skin, mineral spots, and reduces soap effectiveness.


Iron bacteria and high iron levels frequently occur in Florida well water, causing orange staining, metallic tastes and odors. Iron buildup in pipes can reduce water flow.


Like iron, manganese bacteria and elevated manganese is common in parts of Florida. Manganese causes black staining and bitter metallic tastes.

Sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfide

Sulfur causes rotten egg odors in water and corrodes plumbing and fixtures.


Some regions have high sodium levels that can negatively impact those on low-sodium diets.


Corrosive water can leach lead and copper from pipes, fittings or solder into well water. Lead causes neurological damage.

Testing Well Water

The EPA recommends testing well water annually for bacteria and nitrates, and every 3-5 years for inorganic contaminants like arsenic, radon, lead, and uranium.

Aqua-Wise Water Treatment Solutions offers complete well water testing including bacteria, metals, nitrates, TDS, hardness, iron, manganese, and other parameters. Their certified water specialists will come sample your well, analyze it, and provide a detailed contamination report. You can also pick up a DIY test kit.

Knowing your well water quality enables selection of the appropriate treatment solutions for the specific issues present.

Water Treatment Solutions for Tampa Bay Well Water

The good news is that most well water contaminants can be reduced or removed with the proper treatment systems:

Bacteria Removal

Bacteria is best eliminated with disinfection using a chlorine injection system, ozone generator, or UV light sterilizer.

Removing Arsenic, Metals and Nitrates

Specialized filtration media is required to reduce arsenic, heavy metals like lead, iron, manganese, etc. Reverse osmosis or anion resin effectively removes metals and nitrates.

Eliminating Hardness and Minerals

Hardness causing calcium and magnesium is removed using a water softener. Multi-stage filtration like reverse osmosis also reduces TDS and mineral hardness.

Removing Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Odors

Sulfur odors are removed by chlorination, ozone injection, or activated carbon filtration like an iron filter.

Neutralizing Radon

Radon is removed by aeration using a radon degasifier.

Sediment Pre-Filtration

Sediment filters or micron cartridge filters placed before treatment equipment preserve system longevity.

Whole house systems that combine multiple treatment methods in one can effectively address a broad range of contaminants for safe, clean drinking water from every tap.

Financing Options for Well Water Treatment Systems

Aqua-Wise offers flexible financing plans to make water treatment affordable including 12 months same as cash financing. Water treatment costs can also be bundled into your mortgage.

Get Your Well Water Tested Today!

Don't drink contaminated water! Schedule your free Tampa Bay well water test today by calling 727-236-7161 or filling out our online form. A water specialist will come test your well and recommend the right treatment for the issues detected. Clean, filtered well water contributes to better health.


CDC - Well Water Testing and Treatment

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